Top 3 Best Mattress For Sex Reviews in 2021

Which is the best mattress for sex? This has become the million dollar question when it comes to selecting a mattress for couples . Couples are always looking for a great sexual experience, but a poorly selected mattress can ruin it all. You probably have your innerspring or memory foam mattress, and though it might be great for sleep, it does not necessarily mean it is good for sex.

Things To Consider When Selecting Best Mattress For Sex

1. Bounce

For a good sexual experience, you do not want a mattress that absorbs your motion. This will throw you of your rhythm and probably knock off your balance. A mattress that bounces back with each thrust will improve the experience a lot.

2. Motion response

During sex, there is a lot of movement. A mattress that hinders this movement is everything but ideal. You will need a mattress that adjusts quickly to your body movement, thus improving the overall experience.

3. Noise

If you live with kids or a roommate or neighbors within the next wall, then you are going to need a noiseless mattress. You would also not need the distractions that noisy mattresses make during sex

4. Cooling

Sex tends to produce a lot of heat, especially if you are doing it under the sheets. A breathable and cooling mattress will remedy the overheating that might occur.

5. Comfort

An ideal mattress for sex will alleviate all pressure points, making the sex comfortable. Uncomfortable sex will turn you off and ruin your experience.

6. Edge support

A good mattress for sex requires good robust edges. Poor edges will give you a sensation of rolling out of the bed. This will confine you to a limited mattress surface you can use for sex

List of 3 Best Mattress For Sex

​Now that you know what to look for when buying a mattress for couples, here are our top 3 choices

1. Leesa Mattress, Queen

Leesa Mattress, Queen

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​This is probably the best foam mattress for sex. The Leesa mattress has been crafted with 3 layers of foam for cooling, support, pressure point relief and support

​A memory foam layer caters for the pressure relief while Avena foam improves airflow and bounce. In terms of durability and bounce, this mattress performs better than Latex mattresses that have a reputation of superior bounce. A solid core base provides the necessary support needed for sex. Motion response from the mattress is as good as a foam mattress can get (which is pretty good).

​However, this mattress lacks an edge support technology, but this will not lead to you aborting the sexual activity because the core base provides enough support

2. The Purple Bed King

The Purple Bed King

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​Three layers of foam and an elastic polymer layer; this is what brings the purple bed mattress into our list. Purple does not use innersprings and coils in their mattresses, making the mattress noiseless. The foam layers provide support and comfort by minimizing pressure points.

​A layer of elastic polymer makes the bounce of this mattress extremely good. This also creates a very noticeable and great motion response. Its firm edges are an added advantage in this mattress.

​Eventually, it is the elastic polymer that steals the show and makes this one of the best mattresses for sex

3. Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, Queen

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, Queen

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​This mattress promises nothing short of its name. It’s indeed a great mattress for sleep and for sex, and that is why it made it to our list. This mattress has been designed and engineered for sexual activities.

​EnergyX foam at the top will give you the bounce you find in a spring bed, but without the squeaking. This will also give you the comfort you need. Breathable EnergyxTM foam creates an air circulation to dissipate the excessive heat generated. It is this layer that will also give you a good response to motion. High density edge support base foam will maximize the surface area useable for sex.

​Quality has been delivered in making this mattress great for sex

​Which Type Of Mattress Is The Best For Sex?

​So which type of mattress is the best for sex; latex, memory foam or innerspring? There are several mattresses that are great for sex, but in this article we assumed that you will not use this mattress for sexual activities only

​If you are looking for other mattress options that are good for sex, here are a few tips

  • Latex mattresses give a great response and a perfect bounce.
  • ​Memory foam mattresses tend to have a poor response and give a stuck-in-the-mud feeling. However, the comfort and support is amazing
  • Innerspring and coil mattresses give the best bounce. This might be overwhelming in some cases. Squeaking coils are a problem in these mattresses

​There you have it, have a nice time getting your groove on

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