The Best Latex Mattress Topper Reviews in 2021

We all know what a bad mattress can result to. It can lead to body aches, constant back pain, headaches and worst of all insomnia. All this can lead to health complications and also interfere with your day to day activities which is very annoying.

The solution to all this, mattress toppers. Mattress toppers can be a great addition to one’s bedroom. They bring with them comfort and good body support. When topper shopping, you must consider different factors that will obviously suit you and bring about a solution to your mattress problem.

Latex mattress topper reviews
You might be having problems with your bones and constant body aches due to the condition of you mattress or you might just be looking for that extra support because of maybe your body weight. So the kind of topper you choose highly depends on your needs

​There are several types of toppers on the market. Which vary in content, how long they last, comfort and convenience. This includes:

4 Types of Toppers

1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The most common topper used. Synthetic in nature, created from polyurethane. Manufactured with cells that usually possess the ability to work according to your weight and body heat. Comes in different thickness levels and sizes as usual. The only shortcoming is that sometimes it’s too firm so may make moving around while sleeping a bit difficult, which can be quite discouraging. Can also retain body heat, which is a problem to many especially those in warm areas. Memory foam mattress usually produces a certain odor (when new) that most customers lament about and find difficult to tolerate

2. Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Mostly preferred by majority of customers. Can be quite pricey but totally worth it. It’s normally made from either 100% natural latex or can be non-organic (70% manmade latex mixed with approximately 30% natural latex). Latex foam mattress toppers come out firmer than all the rest, very aerated and rarely trap your body heat so keep you well ventilated while sleeping. They are usually resistant to getting mold and mites so recommended for you if you are prone to allergies among other skin conditions

3. Feather Mattress Toppers

They are just the normal feather stuffing. A cushion is sewn then stuffed with feathers to provide that extra cushioning but they don’t offer the same firmness provided by latex and memory foam. They are less expensive but can never maintain their shape so needs regular fluffing and can also be a little unhygienic because they absorb everything, so regular washing is recommended

4. Wool Mattress Toppers

This apply the same technique as of feather toppers but made out of mostly hypoallergenic materials for the people allergic to feathers

The Best Latex Mattress Topper

​Now let’s fous on to the latex mattress toppers category. When shopping for a mattress topper, this must be among your first considerations. Their material is the rubber/latex from the rubber tree.

A Latex mattress topper gives comfort and can be very protective to the mattress, therefore increases its longevity. It comes in different forms (shapes, size).What to consider when choosing a latex mattress topper is its ability to be waterproof so can be very beneficial to most people especially those who have toddlers.

Its ability to control heat according to the surrounding temperature and within is a big plus, and of course the coolest reason yet is that most are highly portable so one can carry them wherever they are headed (maybe while vacationing) therefore maintaining the same level of comfort wherever you may be.

This is the best quality in the market so far. They can be very hygienic if well maintained because of them being resistant to dust mites and/or mold. During manufacturing process, cellular holes have to be included which bring about optimal air distribution, circulation therefore less no humidity

​Natural latex mattress toppers, can be environmentally friendly therefore cause no allergies unless a customer is allergic to rubber itself. Since they are manufactured from a natural material completely or partly, they can be pricey but totally worth it. They are biodegradable therefore less harmful to the environment, so if you’re thinking of going green, this is recommended

1. ​Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Natural Latex Mattress Topper

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​This toppers are manufactured from 100% natural latex. Can be found in different sizes and shapes. Manufacturing companies that construct them to suit consumer needs or wants. You can get soft, medium or firm depending on what your taste. We have some that are thick while others are thinner when looking at their inches, you can get 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and so on.

Natural latex mattress toppers are very consistent and therefore can give aid to old and lumpy mattresses leading to a very satisfactory sleep pattern, In case you are in need of support to rid yourself of back problems and other body aches, you can purchase a thicker topper that is sufficiently firm, and it will support you better despite your weight.

Most organic latex mattress toppers should have a certification form which assures you as a buyer that it does not contain any harmful components like pesticides, herbicides and those other chemicals which may make them unsafe for home use

2. ​Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

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​The manufacturing style of talalay is different from the way other latex toppers are manufactured. With Talalay we have a mold that is closed void of air (it’s like a vacuum).A rubber base is introduced to the mold.

Mold is then taken through a freezing process where its cell structure is stabilized. Finally, carbon-4-oxide is in cooperated into the mix and then heated. The rubber is then left to cure for the recommended period. The talalay category has the synthetic talalay latex which is produced from 30% organic latex or the 100% natural latex

​Talalay mattress topper provides a percentage of extra comfort to the user that is above the rest of the latex toppers because they are super consistent, firm and never sag. So when purchasing a mattress topper, you should have to consider talalay latex toppers because they are very satisfactory and are of good quality

​When going shopping, first do your research as a consumer and read several latex mattress topper reviews to get maximum information. They will have all the information that is required and extra data for you. Most customers don’t have the knowledge and knowhow of linking their mattress topper selection to their problems like bad sleeping pattern, body aches among others. Most latex mattress topper reviews highlight this while giving adequate advice to you on what best suits you more.

​The Benefits You Will Get From A Latex Mattress Topper Are

  • ​Portability should be on top of your list of considerations. Most mattress toppers made of latex are very light therefore easy to carry wherever you are headed. If it’s a weekend, holiday trip or a job trip, you can carry them and place use them on the hotel mattress. This will ensure you of uninterrupted sleep even when away from home because you will have the same comfort as always
  • ​Highly protective: Most latex toppers guard your mattress and prolong its shelf life. They are waterproof, one of the reasons users prefer them and highly recommended for toddlers. Also if anything happens to spill onto your bed you are assured that your very clean mattress will be safe
  • ​​Variety is another reason why you should consider latex mattress toppers. They come in different shapes and sizes and can cater for anyone in the market and their needs. So you will not be left out as a customer
  • ​Temperature regulation is one reason to consider latex toppers. Unlike memory toppers, likely hood of latex mattress toppers to retain heat is very rare. When it is cold they keep you warm, when it hot they tend to make it cool, the temperature will feel okay no matter how long you stay in bed and so no overheating and sweating while trying to catch a snooze.
  • ​Latex toppers are very aerated, and their breathabillity is very high especially for talalay mattresses topper and more so the 100% natural talalay mattress topper. Therefore very hygienic because their humidity is regulated and they are also resistant to fungal growth. Organic latex mattress toppers are biodegradable, therefore environmentally friendly
  • ​Toppers can be beneficial to the sick who require special mattresses to sleep in because of one or a few medical conditions.

​Disadvantages Of Using Latex Toppers

  • ​Latex mattress toppers have a few disadvantages, of which can be dealt with by your supplier. Some customers have said that their mattress toppers were quite firm, but I believe this is an issue that can be sorted out by picking a less firm topper but still supportive to you. Maybe an inch lower and medium. Also as a customer, you can do a physical test before choosing your topper
  • Other customers have complained of too much heat due to its compact cell structure, maybe a mistake made during manufacturing.

​Although quite pricey, latex mattress toppers offer quality, efficiency, and longevity in one package

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