Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets For Kids Reviews in 2021

When the day ends, and you also just take your babies to sleep, you consistently give them a fantastic hug before sleeping to allow them to feel secure and sound. This weighted blanket is intended to mimic that precise safe sense of being held or hugged, during each night.

If your child or teen is experiencing anxiety, anxiety or insomnia, a weighted blanket might be a natural means to help them sleep better. Just make sure you purchase a blanket that has a suitable dimension and weight for them. Experts advocate weighted blankets if weight about ten percent of your body weight, but make sure you seek advice from your doctor prior to using one. Below, we have rounded up 10 of their very best weighted blankets for kids and teens. Have a look to find the ideal match:

List of 10 Best Weighted Blankets For Kids

1. Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

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Quility’s advanced 7-layered blanket was made to provide ultimate relaxation. We utilize the most innovative sewing technologies and also the highest-quality materials to generate the perfect weighted blanket. The ultra-breathable, 100%-cotton outer layer is lined with non-glue polyester padding and 2 additional polyester layers which contain millions of top micro glass beads. This exceptional structure offers optimal temperature controller and ensures that our blankets never leak beads.

Each Quility Weighted Blanket Set comes pre-attached and ready to use. The detachable minky duvet cover is soft-to-the-touch, super-comfy and accompanies each purchase! Utilize the cover for extra warmth throughout the winter months, and take action to stay cool in the summertime. To remove it, just unzip the zipper and then untie the string ties secured into the loops across the blanket’s borders!

For an individual user using a single, twin, or full size mattress, we recommend picking a blanket which weighs about 10-12percent of your own body weight, (and 1 pound). In case the final weight falls evenly between two blanket dimensions, it is ideal to go with the lighter choice. Picking the proper size is essential for appreciating the best benefits the Quility Weighted Blanket provides.

2. Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs

Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs

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Our weighted blankets utilize the ability of deep contact pressure simulation to stimulate pressure points within the human body, which can be known to reduce anxiety from the consumer. The deep pressure input technique increases melatonin and serotonin production and reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels that leads to enhanced sleep, better disposition and comprehensive relaxation.

Another quantified outcome of utilizing a weighted blanket entails lowering EDA — electrodermal activity. Lowered EDA suggests less stirring and reduced extraneous movement during a sleeping cycle — that implies deeper or better sleep for a person.

Our weighted blanket functions for youngsters between age 5-12 yrs, weighing between 40-110 lbs. Our weighted blankets may also be used by adults and the older as a lap pad that helps with comfort. The minky dot fabric adds a pop of color, but also a comfort effect. Rub your hands across the lumps and instantly feel the relaxing feeling upon you.

3. Hiseeme Weighted Blanket for Kids (7lbs, 41”x60”, Single Size) Small Pockets

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket for Kids (7lbs, 41''x60'', Single Size) Small Pockets

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Hiseeme weighted blanket is manufactured from 100% breathable all-natural cotton. Stylish and smooth material that’s both lasting, wrinkle-free, simple to wash and dry and supply better temperature control, maintain the kids cool all night and stop them from turning and tossing in their sleep because of sweat. At precisely the exact same time, we made beautiful patterns to meet children’s curiosity about the world.

The cooling weighted blanket double size 7 pounds for children 60-90lbs, and also the weighted blanket twin size 10 pounds is for 90-120lbs kids. For youngsters utilizing a weighted blanket for the first time, we urge a lighter weight.

Weighted blankets give gentle restraints which prevent the kid from kicking the covers during the night and better shield the kid from a wholesome night’s sleep. That which we bring child isn’t merely a blanket, but a huge hug!

4. Premium Kids Weighted Blanket

Premium Kids Weighted Blanket

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We use super soft and comfortable cotton and polyester – like your own clothes. Some rival manufacturers fill out the blanket with sand to supply the weight. Who desires sand throughout their kid’s bed! Stick with ZZZ Weighted Blankets for high quality.

Simply unzip the cover and then wash and dry the soft blanket into your washer. Other manufacturers of blankets are all 1 piece and could be a nightmare to clean and can not be placed in the wash. However, with ours, just unzip and toss it in the wash.

The exterior is a columbia blue with raised dots. We mixed a sea green and aqua to your interior to produce the perfect colour combination.

5. Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket (7lbs) – Great for Sensory Seekers

Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket (7lbs) - Great for Sensory Seekers

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Together with our 2-piece duvet design detachable cover, this children’s weighted blanket makes it effortless to remove the surface to wash & dry in your home. Weighted blanket tender through washing, which makes this a really premium weighted blanket.

Can your kid love a hug quilt? We’ve got the quality weighted blanket. New & enhanced with stitching All of the way through to get an even weighted feel + fluffy cotton for Additional comfort & coziness

Not only is that the compression reassuring, but also the soft plush minky fabric is also a fantastic input. We have even added dots on top for additional sensory input. It is a terrific sensory blanket for most seekers.

6. Supersoft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids

Supersoft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids

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It’s estimated that 20-30percent of children have difficulty sleeping and getting a fantastic night’s rest. This simple fact affects all parts of their own life and may reduce overall performance. Thus, a Weighted Blanket for children 5 pounds helps them get sufficient sleep and increase their physical and psychological improvement. Deficiency of sleep slows their Ability to deal with daily tasks at home, college or day-care and develops their anxiety level

Our child weighted blanket provides the sensation of being hugged or held, making children and toddlers feel secure. Hazli weighted blanket for children 5 pounds is manufactured from 100% breathable cotton full of hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and a single layer of microfiber. Because of this 8 inside corner ties, our heavy blanket for Children keeps your kid and toddler warm and comfy without letting to tease wake up

To be able to enjoy all of the advantages of a weighted blanket children, you want to decide on the suitable dimensions and weight. A sensory weighted blanket for children should perfectly match the child’s entire body, not the mattress and should weight about 10 percent of their kid’s body. Our weighted blankets for Children measure 48′ Length, 36′ Width, weigh 5Lbs and will be the Perfect weighted blankets for children aged 4 to 7 years, weighing up to 55 pounds and finest for twin bed and full bed

7. CuddleBug 10 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids

CuddleBug 10 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids

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Premium 100% cotton construction is soft to the touch and breathable for all weather conditions. The nontoxic glass bead filling guarantees even distribution and density of weight throughout the quilt providing optimum relaxation.

Fantastic addition to some relaxing, sensory adventure. Use it on the sofa as a weighted throw blanket or lounge chair as you read your favourite book to de-stress, or deliver the adult weighted blankets along with you on a road trip to escape the battles of everyday work. Some clients even report utilizing our finest weighted blanket following treatment.

Utilize your present duvet cover for easier maintenance. Our best weighted blanket can be machine washable on gentle cycle cold and lay flat to dry. The securely stitched seams make sure the weighted glass beads remain safely within the blanket ensuring that your blanket remains like the 1st day you received it.

8. Hiseeme Kids Weighted Blanket 5 pounds 41”x60” Travel Size for Kids

Hiseeme Kids Weighted Blanket 5 pounds 41''x60'' Travel Size for Kids

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Eliminate any unwanted ideas by cuddling and experiencing the sensation of these blankets. No more tossing and turning at nighttime. No longer feeling sluggish, cranky and exhausted in the morning. We have got you covered. This weighted blanket can assist you with deep sleep, enhance your rest or catch up on a few much-needed naps.

Sink in hot and comfy cotton blanket hugs. Make it large enough to wrap around you and protect against cold and moist winters and long nights. Gentle pressure spreads equally for additional safety.

The weighted blankets are machine-washable on a low, gentle setting, dry, clean or hand-wash. Notice: Pregnant women, baby under five years old and individuals who can not move the heavy blanket themselves are illegal to use. The blankets shouldn’t go beyond the shoulders, and should not cover the head.

9. Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids 7lbs Heavy Blanket, Best for 58-88lb Children

Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids 7lbs Heavy Blanket, Best for 58-88lb Children

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You will receive either a blanket AND a cover! The CareHug Blanket is silken cotton, breathable for the warmer months, using a minky cover to snuggle into the winter. The bottom of the cover includes nubbed minky”dots” that children find additional calming. Select Your favorite cover: Sleepy Dinosaurs or Sleepy Animals!

Each blanket grid is just weighed against odorless, non-toxic glass microspheres and set through intense testing to make sure our strengthened stitching will not leak. And unlike most weighted blankets, where beads clump, ours spreads the beads equally across every grid.

Our children’ heavy blanket is intended to make your kid feel embraced. Every blanket is a specific dimensions to fit the child, not the bed. So proceed, pick your kid’s suggested weight, and select from our Sleepy Dinosaurs, Sleepy Animals, or Yawning Unicorns print to get a CareHug your kid deserves.

10. ROSMARUS Child Weighted Blanket Kids

ROSMARUS Child Weighted Blanket Kids

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4*4 inch tiniest pockets layout, more glass beads stuffed to decrease the friction sound and guarantee much better temperature controller. 100% soft natural cotton allows you to feel soft and light.

7-layers layout, the vertical two layers of cotton, the center two layers of sanding cloth, then put in two layers of cotton, which includes millions of medical grade glass beads. This exceptional arrangement ensures that the weight of this weighted blanket is equally dispersed and glass beads never leak.

Naturally relax the nervous system and decrease anxiety by mimicking the sensation of being hugged. The quilt evenly matches the body back into the infant’s sense of safety to assist quickly fall deep asleep.


We attempt to give the best possible environment for our children to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep. Sleep includes a host of numerous advantages to both children and adults which range from improving appropriate growth and growth to enhanced mood and wellness.

However, with some children suffering from symptoms related to sleep disorders like autism, stress, ADD, and ADHD, there’s a need to use more compared to conventional methods to guarantee the wellbeing of these children with beddings like weighted blankets to guarantee a greater quality of sleep.


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