Top 10 Best Backpacking Pillows Reviews in 2021

Backpacking pillows are intended to supply you with unmatched comfort whenever you’re far away from your home. It isn’t only perfect for backpacking but also ideal for hiking, camping, travelling, and other outdoor adventures.

In any case, some outdoor pillows double up as seat cushions and may be used in the home or at the workplace. Backpacking pillows are highly suggested for both backpackers and campers as they’re extremely portable. They fold and so are ultra-lightweight so it is possible to carry them without difficulty. If you’re here with the expectation of locating one, then the subsequent top 10 best backpacking pillows reviews ought to be a frontier for you personally.

List of 10 Best Backpacking Pillows

1. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping, Backpacking

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Ultralight compressible travel pillow with gentle foam filling which packs down small to road trips, airplane travel, camping, and backpacking

Foam filling expands to a 4-inch thick pillow for neck, head, and back aid from tents, cars, airplanes, along with other tough-to-get-comfortable areas

Compact layout packs into a backpack, duffle, suitcase, or bag; drawstring and cord lock keeps pillow securely compressed while not in use

2. The Big Blue Mtn Ultralight Backpacking Inflatable Camping Pillow

The Big Blue Mtn Ultralight Backpacking Inflatable Camping Pillow

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The Big Blue Mtn Inflatable Camping Pillows are very ultralight coming in at 2.9 ounces and quite comfy with a soft brushed polyester top in a variety of colours and a black base which remains in position. The pillow completely inflated comes in at 17 inches by 12 inches wide with 3 inches head to floor space in the middle of the pillow. The small and compact pouch is really tiny you’ll barely even notice this and features a colour matching carabiner. The valve is just a 1 way so that you don’t need to be concerned about closing the valve prior to all of the air flows out whenever you’re inflating. It takes the normal person two to five breaths to quickly inflate the pillow.

3. Coop Home Goods – Adjustable Travel/Camping Pillow

Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Travel/Camping Pillow

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Simply take the luxury and comfort of the bestselling pillow everywhere you go. This pillow is going to keep you comfortable through all of life’s experiences. Perfect for business travellers, campers, backpackers, or even anybody on the move.

This pillow is completely flexible and packs all of the comfort and endurance of the full-sized pillow at a compact size so that you can travel light and travelling directly.

4. TETON Sports Camp Pillow; Great for Travel, Camping and Backpacking

TETON Sports Camp Pillow; Great for Travel, Camping and Backpacking

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The Camp Pillow by TETON Sports gets exactly the exact same advanced fiber fill which arrives within our warm, comfy sleeping bags. The brushed poly-flannel pillowcase is soft against the skin. It packs down tight so that you can take it everywhere. But do not take our word on this. Check out the reviews! This Camp Pillow is maintaining countless travellers joyful anywhere they go.

5. Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camping & Travel Pillow

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camping & Travel Pillow

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Ultralight and incredibly comfortable, the Pillow X Recon weighs only 2.25 oz and packs into the size of a lighter. The innovative, self-centring X design places and cradles your head for supportive, stable relaxation and efficient nighttime sleep. Coloured for military and tactical programs, the lasting 75D polyester on very top and bottom resists abrasion, punctures, also elevates softness. Simple to inflate, this highly packable pillow provides mission-critical night functionality.

6. RikkiTikki Backpacking Pillow Lightweight

RikkiTikki Backpacking Pillow Lightweight

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This small thing will create any of your journey comfortable and be an irreplaceable companion in several situations – trekking, outdoor, camping, backpacking, travel, automobile trip, bus, travelling by train, on the plane, sports, theatres and many others events!

Lightweight and ultralight backpacking philosophy became popular in travellers community a long time and it’s clear – usually we’re going out to appreciate nature and try to achieve new mountain heights, not heights in weight taking. In most situations, inflatable pillows are among the greatest choices for backpackers as they’re ultralight, streamlined, packable, simple to wash and reasonably priced.

7. REDCAMP Small Camping Pillow Lightweight and Compressible

REDCAMP Small Camping Pillow Lightweight and Compressible

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REDCAMP is an expert outdoor equipment manufacturer. By adhering to this idea of”Concentrate on outside gears, Created for outside lifestyle”, we do our best to supply our clients with the very best outdoor adventure and post-sales services. Trust Redcamp, enjoy nature!

The REDCAMP camping pillow is excellent for outdoor pursuits. The pillow is very small and light that through your outside activities it seems invisible. So don’t hesitate to purchase your pillow and do not forget your loved ones and friends!

8. OutSmart Inflatable Camping Pillow

OutSmart Inflatable Camping Pillow

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The Outsmart Gear Ultralight Backpacking Pillow comes with an ergonomic design to hold up your head and keep it in position. Inflate this inflatable camp pillow to a desirable amount of firmness in seconds and deflate immediately using a two-way valve.

Soft to the touch, this extra big travel pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers and lumber support and may be used by men, girls and children.

9. HuTools Inflatable Backpacking Pillow

HuTools Inflatable Backpacking Pillow

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Easy clean and install: Inflates and deflates in seconds. Pillow may be inflated with 3-5 breaths. Fully inflated it is like resting your head onto a balloon. Machine washable that is simple to wash and put up.

Simple to be integrated: If not being used, roll up into a little carry bag. It makes travel and keeping our luggage simple and hassle-free, which is great for any excursion if by car, train or plane.

Little in size & lightweight: Weighing a mere 2.8 ounce, lighter than a can of cola. This backpacking pillow can readily be carried in a pocket or backpack for easy access. Even a kid can carry it.

10. Best Compact Backpacking Pillow by Rest-A-Camp

Best Compact Backpacking Pillow by Rest-A-Camp

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Enhanced design – combined with a robust but flexible TPU cloth and 100% cotton soft protect the inflatable streamlined camping backpacking pillow offers secure and cosy rest on almost any outdoor surface. Having an air pillow, you can sleep as though you’re at home regardless of if it’s a very long camping trip, weekend lift or a protracted family campout.

Sleep in comfort like on your preferred bed – ultralight portable pillow ergonomic design ensures that the unsurpassed neck and head help in any sleeping place with no head slipping around in a tent, sleeping bag, mattress or even a hammock. So regardless you’re a back sleeper, either side sleeper or even a stomach sleeper, inflatable camping pillow ensures restful night’s sleep.

Compact and ultralight – outdoor blow-up atmosphere pillow folds just like a couple of socks. Once inflated, the camp pillow is big enough for children and adults.

Easy inflation and deflation – neck support pillow for camping travelling trekking feature a flat invisible pump, completely inflated in 3-5 deep breaths. The protected valve prevents air leakage. Lightweight blow-up pillow quickly releases atmosphere after usage in just seconds.


If it comes to your backpacking pillow wants, locating the ideal backpacking pillow is crucial. A wonderful backpacking pillow may add comfort if you wish to spend time on the road. Having a backpacking pillow you are able to rest easy. A high rated backpacking pillow can last you through recent years. In reality, you ought to be able to move it down through your family. If you understand just what you want and desire, you can avoid spending money and time by buying the ideal backpacking pillow for you!

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